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Ethyl Bromoacetate  supplier


Ethyl Bromoacetate 

CAS No. : 105-36-2

Due to our ability and expertise, we are one of the premier brand as ETHYL BROMOACETATE supplier, manufacturer and exporter in India. We are the only manufacturing company which works as per latest technology development. It is formulated using etherification of bromoacetic acid and ethyl alcohol with presence of sulphuric acid, interaction of acetic acid & bromine is also used. It is known as Bromoacetic Acid Ethyl Ester and available in colourless to yellow liquid format. It is widely used in pharmaceutical industry and has fruity or pungent odour. Its major applications involve forming zinc enolate in reformatsky reaction. Moreover it is insoluble in water with melting point -38°C and boiling point 158°C. Our supreme quality organic intermediates are available as per customer specifications to suit various applications.